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Wimbledon Betting Picks 2013 - Ladies Main

The ladies tournament in Wimbledon 2013 has already started, and here are my betting picks for the first round matches. Not all odds are already available for the first round in Wimbledon, so as usual I will update this article frquently and add more picks for the current round, and I will also add picks for the following rounds here.

First off, here is one match that I like especially: Roberta Vinci vs Chanelle Schepers, with odds of 7.5 on Scheepers (check all the odds on 888). I think Scheeper's chances of upsetting a seeded player are much better than that, and that is a great bet on an underdog.
Didn't work out at all for Scheepers, clear win for Vinci.

After that, there are not a lot of real good bets with odds better than 1.5, so I'llk pick a few bets that will give you odds close to 1.5.

Niculescu vs. Barthel, with odds of 1.53 on Barthel, who I consider as a strong up-and-coming player.
Barthel wins in 3

Paszek vs. Cadantu, 1.4 on Paszek
Cadantu wins in 2 sets

Lisicki vs Schiavone, 1.4 on Lisicki
Good bet, clear win for Lisicki

Goerges vs Duque Marino, 1.4 on Goerges
Duque Marino won 7:5 in the 3rd set

Round 2 Ladies tournament Wimbledon 2013

Here are my betting picks for the second round:

Petkovic to beat Sloane Stephens - Petkovic seems to be fit and back in her old form - if her knee holds, she might be a contender for a spot at least in the quarterfinals. Nice 2.2 odds
Petkovic lost 6:8 in set #3 ...

Flipkens to beat Jovanovski, with 1.4 odds
that was a good bet, Flipkens won

Now let's take a look at the next games in round 3:

At this point, my Wimbledon betting picks will be more in the range of 1.5 to 2.0 odds - which is normal because there are only a few games with higher odds left.

Larcher de Brito to win against Knapp, odds 1.66
Knapp wins

Stephens to beat Cetkovska, 1.6
Stephens won

Lisicki to beat Stosur, 1.57 - by the way, now would be a good moment to bet on Lisicki as an outright winner - you would get 26.0 odds ... and I do think she might be able to do it!
Lisicki wins

Wibmbledon 2013 Ladies quarterfinal picks

Sorry I missed a round because I was travelling, just writing this after Lisicki beat Williams - if you bet on Lisicki to win like I suggested earlier, the odds now after her win are 3.75, was 26.0 before!

My picks for this round:

Radwanska to beat Na Li, with odds of 2.2

Sloane Stephens to beat Bartoli, odds of 2.0