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How to bet on doubles in tennis

For many tennis fans, the double is the more interesting than a tennis singles match, and the same goes for many sports bettors. More action, spectacular rallies and many surprising results provide excitement in doubles. There are players who are specialized in tennis doubles, they are not among the best in the world in singles but excellent doubles players.

What makes a good pair for tennis doubles?

For the result of a tennis doubles match, the class of the individual players is less important, more so the fact how the two doubles partners complete each other, how the tasks on the court are assigned to each player and which doubles pair has the better strategy. Logically, well-established tennis doubles are at a clear advantage, as you can easily see if you look at the example of the Bryan brothers. They are probably the best double in the world, although they are not as successful as single players - but they are successful because they work together perfectly on the tennis court.

What should you look for when placing a tennis bet on a doubles match?

First, I would want to find out how often the players have already played doubles with one another. The results of each player or pair in doubles can also be found on the website of the ITF.

As for the individual qualities of a player in doubles, the following are especially important: the second serve, return and volley. That said, in order to bet the winner of a tennis doubles, both partners must not necessarily have all these qualities. For example, a good return player paired with a very good net player will always be a powerful combination. Two all-rounders, however, especially when they are two baseline players, rarely make a good doubles.

10 tips for the right strategy in tennis doubles

Whether a double works well can best determined by extent of how both players implement the following tactical principles into their game. Betting on a tennis doubles result, you should take those basic strategic rules into consideration. But even if you don't bet on tennis, you can can use these tips for your own game!

  1. A second serve with a lot of spin and depth gives the net partner more opportunity to win the point at the net.
  2. If a right-handed player is returning from the deuce position (on the right side from the opponents point of view), then you should frequently serve to the middle (the backhand return inside-out is the most difficult return shot). Same goes if a left-handed player holds the return position on the left.
  3. Mix your returns shot's direction. If you hit the ball back cross all the time, you are inviting the opponent at the net to poach frequently!
  4. When player A serves, his net partner must constantly in motion! By doing this, he will irritate the returning player, because he must constantly expect that player's intervention!
  5. In tennis doubles, you basically cannot do wrong by hitting the ball into the middle of the court. That makes it difficult for your opponent to play extreme angles to win the point.
  6. Depth of shot in a double does not mean the same as in singles. Ideally, you will want to hit shots that  force the advancing opponent to hit his shots from the downside up. Those kind of shots are easy prey for your partner at the net. If a player stays at the baseline, shots to the body are often an effective way of provoking weaker shots.
  7. If in doubt, always aim your shots to the opposing player farthest away from the net. He will have more trouble hitting a strong volley. Avoid high balls (unless you really hit a good lob!).
  8. Both doubles partner should always move so that there is a constant distance between them (that is, if a player has to move to the right, his partner must also adapt his position to the right). This is particularly true when both are close to the net. Conversely, in doubles players should try to create situations in which the gap between the two opponents is wide enough so that you can hit a winner between the two of them. Easy points can also be scored by forcing the opponents in positions that allow you aim for the empty court space behind the player who is closer to the net.
  9. Occasionally use the lob! If the opponent has to expect an occasional lob, two things will happen: the net player will increase its distance from the net, and the baseline will advance not quite as fast. Both forces the players to hit more difficult volleys.
  10. Ultimately,it is important how the two partners deal with each other, especially after mistakes. Criticizing your doubles partner will only make him more and more insecure, and therefore serves only your opponents. So always positively motivate each other, especially after a bad shot!

Where can you best bet on tennis doubles?

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