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Our Betting Picks Are Free

Our website offers free tennis betting picks and general advice for tennis bettors. I'll follow the various ATP, WTA and other tennis events for you and try and pick good bets for you, completely free of charge. The fact of the matter is that, in tennis, there are far too many factors involved that the algorithms used by the sports books cannot take into account, so having good insight can give you a great edge.

What kind of bets do I pick?

I usually try to pick bets that are between 1,5 and 3,0 odds. Any bet with very small odds, like 1,10 or even lower, is usually a waste of money - you are looking at a huge favorite that will make you little money when you win. At the same time, even huge favorites lose eventually, and you stand to lose a lot in such a case.

I base my picks on the odds, but I am NOT doing so on a purely mathematical basis. What I try to do with my free tennis betting picks, is to find matches where the odds do not reflect the real player-vs-player situation. For example, there is a player who is currently not highly ranked, but who has played very well in the past or current tournament. His next opponent may be a big favorite "on paper", so the supposed underdog pays 3,0 if he wins, just because the favorite is ranked, say, 100 places above him.

The fact is, that especially in ATP (men's) tournaments, the difference between rank #50 and rank #150 is not so big at all. That means that you have to look at all the other factors, not just the ranking. Bear in mind that this is not quite the same in WTA tournaments. In ladies' tennis, you do not see so many first-round upsets, and much more very "high" results like 6:0 and 6:1. This type of result is almost unheard of in men's tennis at the professional level.

Also, there IS a big difference between the Top Ten players and players that rank around #30, for example. The top ten players are where they are due to superior consistency (of course, being one of the top seeds in every tournament does help since your first round opponent is very often a "warm-up" type of opponent).

How to make use of the free tennis betting picks?

There are several ways to use our free picks. If you place individual bets on several tennis events, you have to look at the total profit. Let's say you place three bets with 2,0 and 2,2 and 2,0 odds. If you win two of your bets, you have made a nice profit already. 

Another option is to make a combo bet. If you pick 3 bets as described above, the total odds would be 2,0 x 2,2 x 2,2 = 8,8. While that is a nice profit if all three bets come through, it may take a little before you actually have winning combo bet.

Another way of using our tennis betting picks is to set up a combo of bets with smaller odds (like, betting on three or more big favorites to win). The profit margin may not be too big, but you will win more often. Ideally, you would want to bet relatively large amounts of money in such a case.

Our general and in-play betting tips are always free of charge

One of our main goals is to give you information that helps you to see the crucial little things that tell you in which direction a match is heading. Our favorite sports book site Bet365 (read our review here) offers lots of options to bet duing an ongoing match. Our tips help you to watch a match "through the eyes of a pro", and you will be able to notice subtle changes to the players' behaviour, strategy and performance.

We will keep adding more articles with free tennis betting tips, and free picks for the major tennis tournaments as well.

Also, I am planning on setting up a free video channel on Twitch, where I would pick major games and do some live commenting with betting picks. If that is something you would be interested in, feel free to sign up to our newsletter and we will send you an invitation once it is all set up!